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Parliamentarians Respond to Julia Lopez MP's reply

Lords letter to Julia Lopez MP


Carry On Touring supporter Lord Clement Jones has again written to Julia Lopez MP, pointing out that the post Brexit creative touring debacle has yet to be resolved.

You can read the full letter here:

Lord Clement Jones Letter

You can read the previous response from Julia Lopez MP here:

Previous Response from Julia Lopez MP


Lord Clement Jones's letter countersigned by many parliamentarians, also asks the minister to explain the so-called generous offer put forward by the government during the Brexit negotiations, having had a Freedom of Information request and appeal denied on the same subject. 

What is it that they are hiding?

We know from our correspondence with the EU that the EU offered to include a clause on mobility in the TCA but the UK refused it.

Lastly Lord Clement Jones states that he is "mystified by the assertion assertion that, ‘officials have met with the Carry On Touring group previously’".

They have not met with us despite many requests from ourselves to do so.

In my opinion the response to this latest attempt to get some action underway will be the standard copy and paste that we and many other parliamentarians have received in the past.

Carry On Touring remain committed to pushing for a resolution to the crisis facing the creative industries.


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