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A solution is possible 90 in 180!

A Solution to the 90/180 day Schengen access rule

A blog & Carry On Touring video by Ian Smith, Co founder of CarryOnTouring 

Hi everyone .. so in Feb 2021 I put forward a solution to the 90 in 180 day rule for creatives and creative support staff. A simple rule change and the mechanism was already due to be put in place by the EU namely ETIAS the UK's objections as such was that there was no such reciprocal system in place ( now changed as ETA came is being rolled our sequentially this year in the UK .) see my ukeartswork video for details linked here. The document and the idea went around many stakeholders , MP's / DCMS in the UK and many professionals working in the EU .. also to MU / ISM / LIVE .. we have little progress .. but there is movement and movement that can be used to effect a solution.

So why am I saying this now ? because I'll be writing an amended document outlining the changes , potential verification methods for showing creative worker status .. and more .. so keep tuned .. i'm not saying this is "THE" solution , im saying its possible and a logical extension of the needs of the people involved for the freedom to work in the very specific way creatives in both directions have to work .. this has no effect nor is argued to have any effect on visa requirements for work for either non visa nationals or visa nationals as this restriction sits on top of those requirements in all territories for non legal residents or citizens.

Finally for those that say why can't we have freedom to work freely etc why should you be different , I simply point to the fact that the very essence of international touring for creatives of ALL kinds is unique , in and out often for a few days at a time for work.

It's also true that the UK and each of the sovereign EU countries has their own rules and differing FREE allowances for work in all those countries BUT its the 90 in 180 day rule that is restricting work and economic prosperity for local economies. Promoters cannot book who they want to ( Im not talking huge bands / theatre companies / Ballet etc .. im talking about the vast majority of artists and crew and these not only form the bread and butter of the industries but also the GROWTH of those artists and thus generating cultural richness aligned with economic benefits .


Document article

Latest video from non campaign free fact checked info site ukeartswork

The new ETA system upcoming for entry to the UK for all non UK citizens and residents

2 year anniversary of a realistic solution to clear the 90 in 180 day problem for creative workers!

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