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Tim’s petition has chimed a chord with the public and in Parliament. Nearly 300,000 people are supporting UK artists and professionals who tour in the cities and nations across Europe who want and need to Carry on Touring. Join us today and help keep the pressure on the UK Government to go back to the negotiating table and unlock this important part of our economy. Touring isn’t working.

Carry on Touring is the umbrella campaign which all those who tour – and rely on touring - can support and sit under. It brings together voices from across the touring, cultural and creative industries sectors to secure cross-party support for Tim Brennan’s petition and campaign for a return to free EU movement for all touring artists and professionals. The strength of our campaign is that it is inclusive reaching across the sector, industry and political parties. This public facing campaign brings a spectrum of voices together to demonstrate its diversity and demographic.

Carry On Touring
Parliamentary Support

The Carry on Touring campaign welcomes the huge support we have received from so many UK Parliamentarians who are actively championing touring issues in Westminster.

Find out which Parliamentarians have already spoken out about touring the EU after Brexit.

We need as many MPs and Peers to join the debate and support the Carry on Touring campaign.

Not sure who your MP is? Find out via They Work For You

If you would like to formally join us, be acknowledged as a Carry on Touring Parliamentary Champion and/or show your support please get in touch and follow us and @TimmoWorldWide on Twitter. You can send Tim Brennan a DM - or send us an email using the contact link below.

If you would like to be removed from this list, please email us using the contact details below.

Show us your support.

Don’t miss the Carry on Touring UK-EU Summit – bringing UK supporters and our EU counterparts back together to show that we can work it out!

Carry on Touring UK-EU Summit


The following links from Hansard have been used to produce this page.

House of Commons Debate held on Tuesday 19 January 2021: UK Musicians: EU Visa Arrangements Volume 687

House of Lords Debate held on Tuesday 19 January 2021: European Union: Visa-free Touring for Musicians Volume 809

House of Lords Debate held on Wednesday 20 January 2021: UK Musicians: EU Visa Arrangements Volume 809

House of Lords Debate held on Thursday 28 January 2021: EU: Musicians Volume 809

HEDM (Early Day Motion)1413: tabled on 27 January 2021: Visas for musicians in the EU

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We've have designed this page so that it randomly loads our cross party Parliamentary Support. That is because our campaign is not about politics, it's about creative touring. Refresh the page to see a different order.

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