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Press Release - Letter to Lord Frost

Press Release - immediate

Government must work ‘flat out’ to fix ‘unnecessary’ barriers

More than 1100 MPs, cultural artists and professionals write to Brexit Minister

More than 1100 music and arts industry professionals and politicians have called on Government to ‘work flat out’ to make a bespoke deal with the EU to agree a work permit exemption for all those who tour and rely on touring for a living.

An amazing 1135 people have signed a letter to Brexit Minister Lord Frost calling for a Cultural Passport for touring, would help tours travel through Europe without having to spend time and money negotiating visas and work permits with each EU country it passes through. The calls come after the UK Government’s failure to negotiate an exemption for creative artists and touring professionals who touring professionals whose livelihoods depend on post Brexit touring of the UK & EU27.

In the letter, campaigners said: “Touring artists and professionals now face unnecessary barriers which will mean that, for many, going on tour in Europe will no longer be viable. Having to navigate the differing requirements of 27 Sovereign EU states means getting work permits for crews and all creative touring professionals (including dancers and performers, techs, video, sound and lighting crew, the riggers, special effects, set carpenters, automation, wardrobe, make-up and hair, the production team, catering, drivers, and anyone else working behind the scenes) for the various countries they visit and will have a huge impact and cost.”

The letter follows the Carry On Touring’s UK-EU Summit, which brought together hundreds of artists, musicians, crew, management, freelancers from all creative sectors and politicians from across the UK and EU, to rally support for the creative industries and to get shows touring again after the pandemic.

At the UK-EU Summit, Director of COT and Petition Creator Tim Brennan said: “It seems crazy that given the UK’s creative industries are such a massive success and contribute around £111.7 billion to the economy, equivalent to £306 million every day that the Government isn’t working harder to sort this mess out. Quite simply without touring, a large section of the creative industries will cease to exist. We must unlock the impasse”

The letter has been signed by MPs from all parties and organisations representing touring and creative professionals and EU counterparts – and real people; musicians, fashion models, dancers, crew, drivers, caterers, actors and artists.


Carry on Touring is the UK’s umbrella campaign which all those who and rely on touring can support and sit under. It brings together voices from across the touring, cultural and creative industries sector to secure political and public support for Tim Brennan’s petition. The strength of our campaign is that it is inclusive reaching across all creative sectors, industry and political parties; focusing on the real people, real lives and real jobs affected.

If you would like a quote and/or interview with Tim Brennan or the Carry On Touring campaign team, please contact

For media queries please contact: Molly McGreevy |

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