It’s time to support the UK’s Touring Artists and Professionals!

Failure to include an EU-wide cultural work permit and visa free travel for touring professionals and artists will have a catastrophic impact on all touring art forms including theatre, dance, circus, visual arts and music.

There was a failure by the UK Government to secure an exemption or provision for those ‘on tour’ who, now we have left the EU, will be required to obtain work permits in each European country they visit. The need to secure permits and visas, in each country they visit, places an additional cost and unnecessary burden on a sector which is keen to get back on tour. It will, undoubtedly, have a detrimental impact on the UK public and performers alike.

Now is the time to ramp up the pressure on Government to return to the table and keep the show on the road for all creative touring professionals.

Carry on Touring is an umbrella campaign which all those who tour – and rely on touring - can support and sit under. This public facing campaign brings together voices from across the touring, cultural and creative industries sectors to secure cross-party support for Tim Brennan’s petition and campaign for the only realistic solution, a pan European EU visa and work permit waiver to be negotiated. The strength of this campaign is that it is inclusive reaching across the sector, industry and political parties.


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