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Tim Brennan responds to Harriet Harman's 10 point plan.

Carry On Touring
Carry On Touring - Real People, Real Lives, Real Jobs
Whilst we welcome Harriet Harman's support, there are a few issues with what she has said.
1. The issues caused to touring in the EU by Brexit does not just affect musicians. There are all the tech crews, dancers, actors, sports teams, outdoor performers, drivers, 1000s of people that are creative touring professionals who’s livelihoods depend on touring the EU.
2. She talks about negotiating bilateral agreements with individual member states, this could take years, what we are asking for is cultural passport which can be negotiated separately to the TCA.
3. Anything we do has to be 100% reciprocal with the EU based creatives, else the EU will not agree to anything.
We are running a campaign called #CarryOnTouring with the support of MU, ISM, UKMusic, LetMusicLive, Equity, OutdoorArts.
But we are real people. I am a freelance multi camera vision director / engineer working in music touring.
Multi camera vision mixer
I started the visa petition which has forced this issue into the spotlight. 
If you want to support our campaign, please follow us on twitter, sign up to our website and share the campaign widely.
We are all in this together, and together our voice will be heard.
Please follow, sign up and share.

You can follow us on Twitter:

Carry On Touring Official @ CarryonTouring_

Tim Brennan @TimmoWorldWide

Ian Smith @Frusion

Carry On Touring have written to Harriet, read the full letter here.

Our Letter to Harriet Harman
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