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The Petitioners response to the debate

The Petitioners response to the debate

I was absolutely moved by the passionate speeches given by a varied cross party range of MP’s. It shows that it’s not just those 283,000 signatories, musicians artist and crew that have a real passion for live music and the creative industries as a whole.

But I have to say that I am very disappointed that the minister just repeated the same lines we have heard time and time again, but in truth that is exactly what I expected from this government.

Blaming the EU, I would like to see the correspondence that Alison McGovern asked for between the Government and The EU and inter governmental departments. If the government have nothing to hide, they won’t mind sharing it.

£1.67bn in funding, this funding which was to support businesses in the industry that were closed due to the dreadful pandemic, whilst the funding is welcome, but it hasn’t reached people like me and my fellow freelancers and musicians. I haven’t worked since before March 2020 and like so many others COVID has been devastating and the future looks grim in terms of getting back on tour unless the Government goes back to the table.

But to use the £1.67bn funding as part of the excuse for the mess music touring is in, is completely missing the point. The thing we need sorting is our ability to tour through the EU 27 without any hindrance, as we did before Brexit.

Earlier today I published a blog post by Ian Smith which sets a detailed way forward that this issue can be sorted out.

We also need clarity on “portables” in reference to not needing carnets in some situations mentioned during the debate.

You can still sign the petition here:

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  • I thought most of the MPs totally got it and it seemed to me wanted to find a solution But I have to say as for the Minister? Same old tired platitudes and guff! door is open Blah, Blah. I want to see the transcript of the negotiations so I can make a judgement. I feel saddened as they are going to do nothing to help us and I don’t think they ever intended too! Every letter I have gotten back from my MP or ministers repeat the same old cliches and have never put forward a single idea to help break this deadlock? maybe we should start lobbying the EU commission for help? they maybe less hostile than our own government? Well done Tim and everyone we will keep on fighting

    Miec “Heggy” Heggett
  • Clearly on this and many other issues, Peti needs to have its powers enhanced and it needs to make clear and explicit recommendations without bowing to the executive. It has to become more than a voice for the voiceless otherwise it will lose support and credibility.

    David Lowe
  • Totally agree and I’ve already tweeted my disappointment with the minister rehearsing the same old lines. And yes – why the reluctance/refusal to put the requested correspondence in the HOC Library; could it be that, as per usual, the government is being economical with the actualité? You have so much ongoing support for your petition Tim. And we must not let this rest until we get the matter properly resolved.

    Ian St James

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