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Proposal for Event Trucking Cabotage Exemption

A truck on the highway

An  official EU/UK recognised website database is set up.

Every transport company that is involved in events has to register to be part of the scheme.

Those companies that do not sign up, will not benefit from the scheme.

Each company has its own section of the website where they register all vehicles, including tractor units, trailers, rigids, vans, etc.

The registration could involve all the regular details of the vehicle, make, model, reg, chassis number etc.

When a company gets the contract for a tour / event, they allocate the trucks to that event on the website database, this is then confirmed by the Tour production manager or event organiser. This could then be submitted to the website team to be processed and approved with a tour reference number.

 A tour docket is then issued for each truck that has the tour reference number, the tour schedule and contact details for someone on the tour in case of emergency.

 The tour docket is presented at the border by the driver, it can be reference checked online at the website by the border agent. If everything is correct, then the tour docket is stamped as cabotage exempt. 

A system could be developed along the lines of a hazardous cargo sign on the back of the trailer, that stated cabotage exempt with the tour ref to alert enforcement officers the vehicle is exempt, to try and prevent unnecessary stops for checks etc, although this could be open to fraudulent operations to make fake signs.

If the truck is stopped for a random check, the driver can again present the docket for inspection.

The driver would need to update the website database each day with details of mileage, start and destination cities much the same as a tacho.

The system would need to be 100% reciprocal so that both UK & EU based event trucking companies can register and take advantage of the exemption.

The idea is that if we can get support for this as a workaround for cabotage exemption for the touring industry, from the UK government and the companies involved, we could then present the case to the EU, citing the case for continued cultural exchange, maintaining the local economies around the events, and not adding to the climate issues surround unnecessary mileage.

Even if we have to do it on a per country basis, if we can get friendly countries to start with, that may lead to a domino effect for those a little resistant to the idea.

If exemptions can be given to the car transporter industry, I cannot see why this idea cannot also be approved.

Obviously, this is the initial idea and there would need to be a consultation around the workability of it.


Tim Brennan

Carry On Touring.


A question asked was about a band that hires a van from Hertz for example.

This could be accommodated under a temporary vehicle section whereby the band would register the van and their tour dates, they would also need to submit some form of proof, i.e. contract or promoter invite.





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