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Mobility Arrangements. Why did Frost refuse this deal?

mobility arrangements

Today is the best day to drop a little email to your MP about the fact that @DavidGHFrost left Artists, Musicians & Crew high and dry by refusing the deal that the EU offered as this extract of a reply from the European Commission shows.

“In the negotiations on Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), the UK refused to include a chapter on mobility in the TCA, despite the European Union offering to do so and despite both parties’ agreement – ahead of the negotiations – in the joint Political Declaration to establish non-discriminatory “mobility arrangements”.” My Question is very simple, Why? Why did Frost refuse this deal?

So please download our “Write To Your MP” letter, and send it to your MP. There’s a link on the page so you can find their details.


All of us are affected by this, whether you voted leave or remain, this decision to refuse the deal offered is literally killing Creative touring both to and from the EU. How does it affect you? You may well ask. Well imagine waking up tomorrow and there was no more music!

It doesn’t matter what genre you’re into, rock, classical, opera, punk, grime, jazz, etc etc, they all rely on the ability to earn a living, and because of the way we now listen to music, ie mostly streaming, that ability to earn a living has changed dramatically, we now rely on our ability to play gigs and to tour, whether it’s the EU or further afield, we don’t earn money from streaming and if we can’t make touring viable, then what’s the point? Many bands are now saying exactly that, just look in the music press to see the results,

Brexit touring: Government warned of music unemployment "en masse” NME and industry leaders attended a hearing at the House Of Lords, where urgent action was demanded to prevent further losses

Music and all forms of culture have a huge impact on the mental well-being of us all, but it also has a huge affect on the local economies, @Sacha_Lord told me once that Parklife festival brings £17m into the local economy in Manchester, that’s just one festival, again imagine if there were no bands or artists to play those gigs, how would you feel. Please download our letter, send it to your MP and let’s all help get Creative Touring Professionals back on the road. #CarryOnTouring





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